How to change language

Settings menu has control to change the language.

How to open Archive or video clip

Select “Open Media” from file menu. (or press F4)

Locate and open the desired archive (*.vaf file) or video clip (*.wmv, *.wma or *.asf file).

If the clip has been password protected, you need to give the password.

The clip or archive name is displayed in the profile select pull-down control.

Cameras that the clip contains can be seen by clicking the “Cameras” title so that it expands.

Cameras can be opened by dragging or doubleclicking them to thecamera viewing area in the center of the screen.

How to control playback

The playback is automatically positioned to the beginning of the clip. Pressing “play” button starts the playback.

The playback controls can be used to control the speed and direction of playback. Clicking the play buttons multiple times increases the playback speed (left mouse button) or decreases it (right mouse button).

Beneath the playback controls is time slider.

This can also be used to quickly jump to different place in the media. Left click on the time slider will move the playback position instantly. Right click on the time slider allows to move the time slider without moving playback position. Mouse wheel zooms the time slider.

Bookmarks contain more information about the events

Clips and archives can also contain bookmarks which will appear as coloured bars in the time slider.

Taking mouse over the bookmark displays the detailed time and description of the bookmark.


When there are more than one bookmark close to each other, there is a additional number to show how many bookmarks there are. Right clicking on the bookmark allows to open the bookmark.

Working with cameras

When user takes mouse cursor over the camera image, camera toolbar is displayed. The toolbar contains options to

  • control camera name and timestamp color and visibility
  • export still image
  • print image
  • duplicate camera
  • control 360 dewarping settings
  • control motion detection highlight settings
  • create and adjust virtual cameras
  • adjust image settings like contrast, brightness etc.

360 dewarping

Some cameras are so called “360” cameras which have 360 degree view. Selected cameras like this can be dewarped with the 360 option in the camera toolbar.

Motion search

It is possible to search the open media for motion. The search dialog can be opened from search menu.

Motion data searching works by selecting the camera and time where the motion is wanted to search, and then hitting the search forward button. The results are displayed in the result screen.

Tips and tricks

User can

  • zoom the image by right clicking and using the mouse wheel.
  • create a new Spotter window from the new window button or by dragging a camera to outside current window
  • use the activity list to jump to an activity in an archive